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Launch report for November 14, 2021.  
This was our last launch of the season. We will be launching again in April. Stay tuned for an announcement for our annual meeting. 
When I arrived on site at 7 AM it was  dead calm By 8 AM breezy, and by 9 AM borderline flyable and remained that way the rest of the day! It was a good launch in spite of the wind. 
We had a total of 17 flights. 
There were 2 Successful Level 2 flights by Benjamin St. John (J400 Smokey Sam)
and Joshua Sickles (J210 Classic) Both very stable and long recoveries due to the wind. 
There were 5 Level 1 attempts. Colorado School of Mines Students: Brendon Bell, Nathan Gonet, and Eillism Parkenham were unsuccessful mostly due to broken fins causedby landing in the wind. Andrew Miller and Corey Schanker Had Successful flights in spite of the wind. 
Angie LaJoy pulled off her first flight on a G69 with a long scarey delay!
Cyrus Boulshehri launched a G research engine Impressive burn but didn't get a chute.
Steve Ghioto had 3 flights and a successful engine ground test. Looks like he's getting something going there. Almost got me with his lampshade (I'm calling it the flying Fez of Death) rocket. Also flew a 2 stage candy bowl. 
Zach Vosoff had 3 C6-5 launches and an E5-3 All went well and he got some exercise. 
Andy Plotkin had two very nice flights on an F50-j and a G76-7 Nice straight flights is spite of the wind but he got his exercise also. 
Thanks to all who came it was a good time!
John Jamieson
Prefect Tripoli Colorado
TRA #04920

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