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News for May 30 -1

Seems like just yesterday we had our May launch. Now "Spring Fling" is nearly upon us! On Saturday, June 21 and Sunday, June 22, Tripoli-Colorado will be hosting our first two-day event of the year. Come out and join us for some for two days of great weather and rocket flying on the range. The folks at COSROCS will join us, and they will bring out their low- and mid-powered equipment. 

Joe Hinton will be on-site for this event, representing Giant Leap Rocketry. Joe can supply you with all your propulsion requirements, whether you need AeroTech or CTI motors. Please be sure to make arrangements with Joe in advance to that you can be sure he'll have the motor(s) you'll need. Also joining us for this launch will be Jon Skuba, representing Cool Rocket Stuff. Read more about Joe and Jon on our Vendors page.

If you would like to camp, please remember that there is no camping at the launch site itself. You may camp at the country store nearby, or you can join the rest of us at Round Mountain campground. This is a rustic campground located about 15 miles east of the launch site (just east of Wilkerson Pass), and is very popular with club members who enjoy primitive camping, and don't want to drive all the way back home overnight. 

Reserve your camping spot now before they're all gone! (Online reservations handled by Reserve America)

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