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Welcome to Tripoli-Colorado

At Tripoli-Colorado, High Power Rocketry begins at 8,800 feet! We are Prefecture #11 of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, an organization dedicated to designing, building and flying high-power rockets. Come fly with us at our launch site near Hartsel, Colorado.

Our waiver (with launch windows) allows flights up to 14,200 ft AGL.


Next Event

Our Next launch is scheduled for November 14, 2021. It will be the last launch of the season, unless we have to use the back-up date of Nov 21. 
The October 17th launch had perfect weather! A little chilly in the morning but warmed up well and virtually no wind all day!
We had 29 launches. Ran out of rockets before running out of weather!
Jarrett Redd and Daughter, Fiona, launched their magnum rocket on a 3 engine cluster of H13ST's. Video shows that they all got lit within 118ms.  Got the hard part right! Unfortunately had a corkscrew effect which caused a long walk. 
Bdale launched his Test Mule on a 2 grain 54mm KNSB motor, Nice burn! Also had some Altus Metrum prototype electronics. 
Tim Comfort launched his Mega Der Red Max on an H165R and a very impressive  Manta Bomber on an I218R . 
I launched a Too Cool For Spool (two stage spool D12-0's) twice and upper stage stayed stable. An interesting kit from Squirrel Works that was a gift to me. Also an H999 in Speed Kills Pulled 118 G's. 0-650 MPH in 0.25 sec.
Steve Ghioto did an engine test. Think he probably got some data out of the deal. A 12 inch silver saucer, and his Candy bowl saucer on a D12 and a E12. Last flight dropped some strange orange goo on the range! Mufon is interested. 
Bob Messner got in a very nice two stage Terrier/Sandhawk  I470W to H110W Nice flight and great timing on the staging. An Honest John on a D12-5, V2 on an H210R, and two stage Sasha E12-0 to E12-8. 
Andy Plotkin, welcome new member!, launched his Vektra on an f-50, Arreaux Bee on a G-80, Door knob on an E15-4, on an F-15-6. 
Chris Cooley brought a fleet of Phoenix Missiles lauched a 4" diameter on an I357T-8, another Phoenix on a G76G-7, and another Phoenix on an F24-4, an Amraam on an I210R-10, and an Omega on a D12-0 to D12-5 He has a cineroc to go with it! Used to fly that combo a lot when I was 16-17 about 1972-73, brings back some memories! All rockets were beautifly built and painted, Chris.
David Bauer had 5 launches Black Brant G131-9, Delta Clipper D21-7,  SR-71 3-C6 Cluster, Sea Wolf on I345-8, and X30 on a C6-3. Not a great day for Dave, but he did provide the entertainment!
John Jamieson
Prefect Tripoli Colorado
TRA #04920

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