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Welcome to Tripoli-Colorado

At Tripoli-Colorado, High Power Rocketry begins at 8,800 feet! We are Prefecture #11 of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, an organization dedicated to designing, building and flying high-power rockets. Come fly with us at our launch site near Hartsel, Colorado.

Our waiver (with launch windows) allows flights up to 14,200 ft AGL.


Next Event

Next launch will be Sunday August 25, 

Launch report 8-11-19

We had 17 flights 

  • Brian Houghton had the first launch of the day on a G117, and another G100 (skidmark) in his Blanco Rocket.
  • Joe Bowen flew  a J250 (skidmark) and tested a small hybrid. 
  • Will Bussell flew some RCS propellant I-161 white, & I211 red. In a Spool Rocket That was fun!
  • Steve Clapp flew a G64, and a G76
  • Phillip Jones joined us from Alamosa CO and flew a H115
  • Brian Hastings flew some dextrose a J350 and F32 both preformed well
  • Noah Bartos attempted a level 1 on an I297 (skidmark) but unfortunately had an early separation. Better luck next time!
  • Luke Eggbert launched a K400, unfortunately had some damage but am sure he'll fix and fly another day. 
  • Will Busacker launched a H151 (red) in hid NX rocket. 
  • Congratulations to Daniel Malone on his NAR level 1 certification with an I115
  • Jamie Weiss (newest level 3) launched an Estes lil' Tumbler on an A3-4T and then pulled out the big stuff for two flights with Estes C6-7's  in her 5 Fin Fury, 
Was a fun launch had good to great conditions all day!
We'll be up there again on Sunday August 25!

Launch Status

thumbs upThe next launch is GO!


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