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Welcome to Tripoli-Colorado

At Tripoli-Colorado, High Power Rocketry begins at 8,800 feet! We are Prefecture #11 of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, an organization dedicated to designing, building and flying high-power rockets. Come fly with us at our launch site near Hartsel, Colorado.

Our waiver (with launch windows) allows flights up to 14,200 ft AGL.


Next Event

Tripoli Colorado Hartsel.

Our annual meeting is scheduled for December 11, 12-2:30 PM Meeting Room A, at the Castlewood library 6739 S. Uinta St., Centennial, CO 80112 . Hopefully the meeting will not last that long but I didn't want to be rushed out of the library normally it is 1 hour. All are welcome to attend. We will be electing officers, discussing the annual dinner possibilities, approving the calendar for the next two years, and usual business stuff. 

We usually have lunch at a nearby restaurant after the meeting. We will decide that at the meeting. 

Our last launch in November was well attended. Great weather all day! Thanks to all who helped and launched. It was a good time and we did have several certs!

John Jamieson
Prefect Tripoli Colorado
TRA #04920



Launch Status

thumbs upThe next launch is GO!


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