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First Launch of the Year!

First Launch of the YearAfter two failed attempts in April, we finally held our first launch of the year this past Sunday, May 18, at our Hartsel launch site. The weather was even nicer than the forecast had predicted; at least it was when the waiver opened at 9:00am. By 11:00am or so, the wind had picked up to its normal level.

We logged a total of ten flights, including one K and one L motor. See the complete launch log below.

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Hi all, 
We are go for launch on Sunday the 30th. Ill be on site at 7 AM. If we are set up we can have a quick safety meeting, and begin launching at 8 AM.  Please let me know if you are planning 7,000 ft AGL or higher (up to 14,200 ft AGL), first thing in the morning, so we can get a window. 
As always observers and guests are welcome. You must be a NAR or Tripoli national member to launch High Power. Flight cards will be required prior to every flight. Please note that we have a new form to sign which protects the landowner. All flyers and guests will need to sign it. Camping is never allowed on site. Sites can be found at Antero, 11 mile, and Chapparal campground. 
Hope so see you all there! 

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