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We don't expect you to read or memorize any of this, but it is here in case it needs to be referred to on occasion.

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11th Prefecture of The Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.

I.        PURPOSE

A.     The purpose of Tripoli Colorado shall be to promote Advanced High Power Rocketry as a hobby and sport through the uniting of like-minded individuals.

B.     To organize and operate rocket launches whereby all members of the organization may legally pursue the hobby and sport of Advanced High Power Rocketry including launches operated under Tripoli Research rules.

C.     To train all members in safety, legal activates and technologies relating to Advanced High Power Rocketry including Tripoli Research.

D.    To support and assist The Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. with their programs, goals and purposes that attend to safety, technology and regulation of Advanced high Power Rocketry.


A.     All voting members of Tripoli Colorado must be a member in good standing of Tripoli Colorado.  Membership of The Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. is not a requirement for membership within Tripoli Colorado.

B.     Membership with full privileges in Tripoli Colorado shall be open to any and all serious minded rocket enthusiasts, 18 years of age or older.  Membership to youth 18 years of age and younger is open to any and all serious minded rocket enthusiasts but without voting privileges or participation in activities conducted under Tripoli Research rules.

C.     All members of Tripoli Colorado will conform to and conduct all Class B Rocket Activities in compliance with the Codes, Standards, Safety and Procedures set by The Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. and any higher State and/or Federal agency having jurisdiction.

D.    A Tripoli Colorado membership may be terminated under any of the following conditions:

1.      If a Tripoli Colorado member conducts a gross violation of any Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. safety codes.

2.      If a Tripoli Colorado member conducts a gross violation of any Tripoli Colorado safety codes.

E.     Tripoli Colorado membership Termination Process:

F.     A Tripoli Colorado Club Officer must give the member a verbal reminder of club obligations, or a verbal warning of a specific safety code violation.

G.    The Tripoli Colorado Club President must provide a written notice to the member stating all specific details of the violation of the Tripoli Colorado Club By-Laws or safety codes

H.    A membership termination vote may be conducted by a meeting of the Tripoli Colorado Club Officers. A two-thirds (2/3) negative vote of officers present shall constitute revocation of the members Tripoli Colorado membership and loss of privileges.

I.        Tripoli Colorado membership reinstatement may be requested by a terminated member and shall be considered in the following manner:

1.      A period of one (1) year from date of termination must precede the terminated members reinstatement request.

2.      The terminated members reinstatement request may be made to any Tripoli Colorado Club Officer.

3.      Tripoli Colorado Club Officers will review the reinstatement request.

4.      A Tripoli Colorado Club Officer may present a proposal of reinstatement to the membership at a regular club meeting. This proposal will be open to discussion by all members in attendance.

5.      A membership reinstatement vote may be conducted by a meeting of Tripoli Colorado Club Officers. A two-thirds (2/3) positive vote of the members present shall constitute reinstatement of Tripoli Colorado membership with full privileges.


A.     All Persons joining Tripoli Colorado shall pay the organizations annual dues of  twenty-five dollars for an individual and thirty-five dollars for a family.  Dues cover membership within Tripoli Colorado for a calendar year beginning each January.  A members delinquent dues must be paid within eight (8) weeks of delinquency.

B.     All Tripoli Colorado members in good standing are entitled to a waiver of launch fees at all Tripoli Colorado sponsored launches.


A.     Tripoli Colorado business meetings are conducted on the 2nd Sunday of the off-season months, as determined by need or interest.

B.     The time and location shall be published on the Tripoli Colorado website and/or announced via the email distribution list.

C.     A two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present shall constitute a quorum at all business meetings.

D.    Special meetings may be called by the President and accommodate as many members as possible.

E.     Membership voting regarding Tripoli Colorado By-Laws or operation may not take place at a special meeting.


A.     Tripoli Colorado rocket launches shall be conducted under complete compliance with all higher authorities having jurisdiction.

B.     All Tripoli Colorado members in attendance shall participate in the set-up, tear down, and range duties at all Tripoli Colorado Invitational Launches. The only exception is the Club President, whose duties shall be limited to control and administration of the Invitational Launch.

C.     A Tripoli Colorado member may be excused from participation in any club activities by pre-arrangement and approval of the Club President

D.    Tripoli Colorado launches will be scheduled by the Prefect and announced no later than the January business meeting by posting on the club website and email distribution list.

E.     All launches will be conducted as Tripoli Research launches, unless otherwise specified.

F.     No consumption of alcohol or drugs are allowed during active launch periods.

G.    All launch activities shall be conducted in the designated launch area.

H.    There will be no smoking during the preparation of a rocket or motor, or while in the designated launch area.

I.        Launches are open to non-members of Tripoli Colorado.  Adult flyers may fly High Power motors (up to their certified HPR level) for $5 a day as long as their national TRA or NAR membership is current.  Flights below 160 ns may be flown without fee and by minors.

J.       Launch cancellation will be announced on the Tripoli Colorado website and/or email distribution list as soon as possible prior to a launch.

K.     There is no overnight camping at the launch site.

L.      Flights expected to reach altitudes within 80% percent of the waiver limits must be declared to the LCO prior to placing the rocket on a pad.

M.    Flyers wishing to utilize a non-commercial motor shall have the appropriate documentation available for presentation at the LCO or RSO’s discretion.

N.     ‘Skidmark’ or motors displaying similar characteristics may be flown only at the discretion of the LCO and Prefect.

O.    No launches will be performed at the Hartsel launch site on a date which is not on the approved calendar or without an active waiver filed and opened with the FAA.

P.     Waivers will be called in to the FAA 48 hours prior to a launch by the Prefect or his designee.

Q.    No flight operations may be conducted without proper firefighting and safety equipment available and in working order as designated by the Prefect and LCO.

R.     Damage to club equipment or materials will be repaired or replaced by the party involved as determined by a majority agreement of the Club Officers of Tripoli Colorado.

S.      All flights conducted will be accompanied by a completed flight card with RSO approval prior to placing the rocket on a launch pad.



Tripoli Colorado offices shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer, Membership Coordinator and Prefect. Any member may hold more than one office, except the office of President. If the club President is not available to conduct the duties of the office, the Presidents duties shall temporarily move to the next available senior officer.


At all times the President shall have complete control of all meetings. The President shall be aware of the status of all business related to Tripoli Colorado. The President shall maintain order at all meetings and keep all discussions in line with the current topic on the meeting floor.


The Vice President shall assume the Presidents seat at all meetings the President is unable to attend. Upon assuming the Presidents seat, the Vice President shall have all powers and responsibilities of the President.


The Secretary shall keep a record of all business conducted at all meetings and shall provide the minutes of such meetings at the next meeting or have them published in the Tripoli Colorado monthly newsletter.


The Treasurer shall keep a record and control of all financial matters within Tripoli Colorado and present said record to the members at each business meeting.


The Membership Coordinator shall maintain the club membership roster and collect the annual club dues. The Membership Coordinator shall maintain a record of all membership expirations and inform members of their expiration. The Membership Coordinator shall provide a list of all new members to the club Secretary. The Membership Coordinator shall collect all monetary funds from club sales, donations and gifts. All said monetary funds and dues shall be presented to the club Treasurer in a timely manner. The Membership Coordinator shall conduct all club mailings and is editor of the club newsletter.


The Prefect shall interact with the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.. The Prefect shall update local members to new or pressing news and/or progress on the national level. The Prefect shall see to the compliance of all national codes and regulations related to Advanced High Power Rocket activities. The Prefect shall administer the proper testing related to certification of Level 1 and Level 2. The Prefect shall forward the results of testing and level certification to Tripoli Rocketry Association.

VII.            ELECTIONS

A.     Election of Tripoli Colorado Club officers shall take place once each year during the January regular club meeting.

B.     An electoral nomination motion may be made by any Tripoli Colorado Club member in good standing.

C.     The electoral nomination motion must nominate a specific Tripoli Colorado Club member in good standing for a specific Tripoli Colorado club office.

D.    A Tripoli Colorado Club member in good standing will be elected to the specific office upon the member receiving the maximum number of votes for that office.

E.     If a Tripoli Colorado Club president has completed three (3) consecutive service terms, the member must wait a period of one (1) year before again becoming eligible for re-election to the office of Club President. LEGAL ACTION EXEMPTION to this rule: If the Tripoli Colorado Club is embroiled in an extensive legal action at the end of a Club Presidents third consecutive service term, it may be prudent and in the best interest of the Tripoli Colorado Club to grant the Club President another consecutive service term in order to complete mitigation and/or other important legal business of Tripoli Colorado.
This LEGAL ACTION EXEMPTION may be authorized by a two thirds (2/3) positive vote of the membership present at the August regular club meeting.


A.     The Tripoli Colorado Operating Instructions may be changed or altered, only at a business meeting announcing such changes and having a quorum present. Any and all items within Tripoli Colorado Operating Instructions may be changed, except Chapter VIII, DISOLVEMENT.


A.     Tripoli Colorado will continue to operate as long as there are at least three (3) members of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. interested in its continuance.

B.     In the event of Disolvement, any and all funds shall be turned over to The Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.'s Legal Fund and all properties shall become the property of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.


Next Event

Our Next launch is scheduled for October 17, 2021
Fall Frenzy Launch Summary:
I believe this was the biggest launch we have had in the last few years!  Lots of Certifications, big engines, small engines, visitors, and a world record flight! Overall a great time. 
Congratulations! : 
  • 6 - Level 1 Certifications to Benjamin St John, Jerry Amrhein, Jordan Akins, Kurt Eherenman, Matt Golubski, and Andy Plotkin. 
  • 5 - L2 tests passed Chip Reid and Justin Redding Aced it!
  • 4 - Level 2 Certifications to Jordan Akins, Justin Redding, Chip Reid, and Steve Ghioto. 
Sincere condolences to David Tan and Hayden Yearout on certification attempts. Both rockets were very capable in my opinion and only failed due to CATO's (engine failure). 
There was a total, 53 flight cards. 
We had some visitors. The Ruland family from Lawerence Kansas, Scott Storey from Des Moines IA, some from Utah, and Bryan Duke came from Eads TN. 
Flights of note:
  • Bruce Lee attempted a 15 engine C6-0 cluster unfortunately not all got lit. He is going to attempt a few hundred engine cluster at Balls.
  • Randy Kennedy launched  J450 and K1080 engines with very nice crowd pleasing flights as usual.
  • Steve Ghioto had the most flights with 5, maybe more. 
  • Dave Bauer launched a very nice Nike Hercules unfortunately not all 4 D12's lit. Great Pyramid launch too. 
  • Kenneth Olaverria (CU Sounding Rocket Lab) Launched a L1395 pretty impressive!
SPECIAL flight by Bdale Garbee(Altus Metrum), launched his Mega Nuke on a CTI N3301.  Very Impressive!  See some of the pictures in the Tripoli-Colorado Facebook Group. It was launched off of Terry Lee's trailer tower. 
WORLD RECORD!! Pending Tripoli Certification, Bryan Duke Launched his Vanish 24 on a CTI G150 to 10,093 feet. As near as I can tell this was over 1,000 feet higher than any previous NAR or Tripoli Record for a G engine! Congratulations Bryan! 
Very amazing! It pulled 90G's! See pictures at Tripoli-Colorado Facebook Group.
Special thanks to Jon Skuba for bringing the Moto Joe Store and getting in some flights too! and Thank you George Barnes for all the great pictures and some nice flights!
I know I'm leaving some things out. Some of the founding  members of Tripoli Colorado attended too. Feel free to fill in the blanks or make corrections at Tripoli-Colorado Facebook Group. 
For those who are curious, the last two flights were recovered!
Thanks to all who attended. It was a fun time!
John Jamieson
Prefect Tripoli Colorado
TRA #04920

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