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Here are the current Tripoli-Colorado club officers. Please thank them for their support and efforts!

  • President - Bdale Garbee
  • Prefect - John Jamieson
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Terry Lee
  • Board Member - James Russell
  • Board Member - Jason Chamberlin

Next Event

Please join us for The All Colorado Rocketry Banquet and Endless Raffle February 24, 2024 at 1:00-4:00 PM:
Maggiano's Little Italy
7401 S. Clinton St., Englewood, Colorado, 80112-3655 
We do not make any money from the venue or meal itself. The raffle is what we do to generate funds for Tripoli Colorado. Many thanks to attendees and vendors for the donations we have received.
John Jamieson
Prefect Tripoli Colorado

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